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Retail First Announces Kmart to open at Stafford City Shopping Centre.

Stafford City Shopping Centre has today announced the introduction of Kmart, due to open mid to late 2019 as part of a strategic move to meet the changing needs and wants of the shopping centre’s customers.

The new store will showcase Kmart’s latest store layout that is being rolled out nationally, in a commitment to an improved shopping experience for customers, and will occupy the current Big W site which is due to close early 2019.

Stafford City Shopping Centre has been a busy local shopping ‘hub’ since opening in 1984, but with the changing customer in the area it was identified that the current retail offer and experience needs to be improved to better meet the market.

Centre Manager, Mrs Cynthia Gleeson said that the introduction of Kmart is a key factor in Stafford City’s ongoing efforts to better suit the customers’ expectations.

“We know that the trade area is growing in wealth and population, with a strong representation of families and younger people,” Mrs Gleeson said. “Customers tell us that they like the grocery and fresh food experience at Stafford City with Woolworths’ upgrade, cross-shopping at Aldi and an extensive specialty fresh food offer.  They also love the enriched cinema experience at Hoyts with recliner chairs and low-cost admissions. We know that our customers want more from their local shopping experience and Kmart will be a strong inclusion to our retail mix.”

Mrs Gleeson said that Kmart was committed to the long-term strategy of Stafford City Shopping Centre, and their vision for the store was in line with the future direction of the shopping centre.

Further updates will be released via the Stafford City website and Facebook page as information becomes available.

Stafford City Shopping Centre is owned by YFG Shopping Centres and managed by Retail First Pty Ltd.


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